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Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

The Company will reject any relationship with anti-social forces that threatens the order and safety of civil society, hold perspectives anticipating social change and secure sound and secure financial infrastructure functions.

● Reject any relationship with anti-social forces

The Company will not provide any products or services to anti-social forces. The Company will conduct thorough investigation and research, and prevent transaction beforehand at the entrance. In the case that a counterparty is discovered to be anti-social forces ex-post facto, the Company will promptly terminate all transactions with the counterparty.

● Make a concerted response as an organization

In the case where a relationship with anti-social forces is discovered, the matter will be promptly reported to the top of management and under their instruction, the Company will make a concerted response as an organization.

● Cooperate with external expert organizations

The Company will cooperate closely with police authority and related external organizations, as well as and with lawyers, and handle the matter by also paying full consideration to the safety of officers and employees.

● Do not hesitate to take legal action and respond firmly

The Company will take a firm response against anti-social forces in both civil and criminal aspects, and will not accept backdoor deals against undue billing, threat and other assault.

● Protect financial infrastructure supporting the lives of customers and society

The Company will protect a sound and secure financial infrastructure by constantly following the recent movements of anti-social forces and promptly executing various measure to secure the safety of its products and services.

Revised January 1, 2018
Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd.

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